Since its inception, Montsegur Finance has been specializing in medium term equity investment.

Collective management teams work to identify high-quality companies that Montsegur Finance will accompany as a lasting shareholder, based on three scenarios:

Collective Management teams widen their range of equity funds thanks to :

  • a balanced conservative fund, partly invested in money market products, short-term obligations bond or, up to 30%, in performance investments:
  • money market funds invested in short-term maturity products (a few months) and short-term rate instruments:
  • The latest in the range, an international equity funds, mostly selected through UCITS (OPCVM) covering the main areas of investment to gain exposure to global growth.

Montségur Finance’s team is composed of experienced staff from the Financial, Industrial, and Entrepreneurial sectors who have as a core value to make investments that “make sense”.

In this way Montségur Finance:

  • Strives to be the shortest direct link possible between investors and companies in which they invest;
  • Plays a full shareholder role in companies in which funds are invested;
  • Refrains from any form of speculation, margin trading or speculation on commodity markets.
Our mission

« In just a few years, Montsegur Finance has become a key player in asset management.

Made up of an experienced team, coming from finance, industry and entrepreneurial sectors, it holds to a collegiate management structure and a service-focussed institutional culture. It is these elements that have allowed us to give individuals, financial advisors and institutional investors access to a range of high performance funds, tailor-made personal fund management services and additional high-value services for professionals.

Our high value advice meets the expectation of the most demanding investors looking for efficient, controlled and transparent management of their financial assets.

We are proud to have built up a lasting relationship over time with our clients by staying true to our founding principles of service, ethical practice, transparency, teamwork, independence and stability.

We have real ambitions, this is the reason why we are significantly investing in people…

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At Montsegur Finance you will find a Wealth Management service that offers:

  • Tailored Discretionary Management of your financial assests according to your goals with respect to time, performance and risk.
  • A high quality Wealth and Estates advisory service (estates and tax planning etc….)
  • The services of our Family Office made available to multiple parties (family accountancy etc.)

Our Private Client managers managers are available to respond to your questions by phone: +33 (0) or by email at:


Montsegur Finance provides tailored cash flow management services for companies, based around several key principles:

  • Transparency of assets ;
  • Controlled volatility ;
  • Nil default risk ;
    Investment in ’classic’ financial products with regards to dynamic money market products or interest-bearing deposit accounts.

Our Business Client managers are available to respond to questions by phone: +33 (0) or by email at:

Institutional Investor

Whether you are an institutional investor or a multi-manager, Montsegur Finance offers you:

  • A Fund Management service offering a varied and durable range of products (special situations, growth prospects, performance, stability/cash flow…) with a strong track record;
  • Services for professional investors including: fund management consistent with your objectives in terms of risk / performance / time-horizon with customised reporting.

Our Investment Professional managers are available to respond to your questions by phone: +33 (0) or by email at:

Financial Advisor

You will find in Montsegur Finance a real partner who strives to meet all your needs:

  • A Fund Management service which offers a wide range of products: special situations, growth prospects, performance and wealth and estates. Our extensive listings allow you to subscribe with most insurance companies and investment platforms.
  • A Discretionary Management service enhanced by multiple high value services such as: dedicated UCITS (OPCVM), portfolio analysis prior to the preparation of offering memorandum and advice on allocation and selection of funds.

Our Partner Client managers are available to respond to your questions by phone: +33 (0) or by email at:

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