Montsegur Evolution is a flexible and diversified fund, mainly invested in European stocks and bonds selected through an active and discretionnary process.

ISIN Code : FR0013324704 – Bloomberg : MONREVO FP
Valuation : Daily at market close
Initial Net Asset Value : 100 €
Minimum subscription amount : 1/1000th of a share
Creation date : 30/04/2018
Custodian : CMCIC Market Solutions
Subscriptions and redemptions : orders may be placed up to 11:00 AM for a subscription for the close of that day’s markets.
Classification : Diversified
UCITS may hold more than 20% of its assets in other UCITS (OPCVM)
Tax : Can be purchased through an investment account or with life insurance policy.

  Investment strategy

The aim is to provide a return greater than the reference index composed by 50% Euro Stoxx 50 Net Return EUR + 50% (Money market EONIA + 1%).

On 17/04/2019

Net Asset Value

97.22 €

Creation date


Risk indicator

Risks incurred : Risk relating to discretionary management, Risk relating to investments in derivative products, Counterparty risk, Credit risk


  Fund Managers